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Does your business struggle to make sense of all your data? Do all of your software systems not connect or talk to each other in real-time?

You are losing money every day that you are not cleaning and aggregating all the different sources of your data into one dashboard to help your company make more accurate and real-time business decisions.

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Managing Data is Tough Work

Does your sales team’s CRM not talk to your warehouse’s inventory and shipping system? Are you about to upgrade your ERP system but don’t know how to get your old data into your new system quickly and accurately? Or are you sitting on a mountain of data that you collect but don’t know what to do with? You’re not alone!

    You may have various types of data sets, or just be lacking sound data architecture.
    Complicated tech systems make it hard for a team to manage data at it's point of entry.
    Manually cleaning & controlling data is time consuming, costing your team time and energy.

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Our RAVEN Solution

We get it. Data is everywhere, and it is usually hard to make sense of it all if you don’t have a solution to aggregate all your sources, clean it and check for errors/omissions, then move it into one system that can visualize the data to help you make better decisions. Sounds complicated right? 

Well, that’s exactly why we designed our data ingestion engine, RAVEN, to help you take back control of your data! 

    We set up encrypted pipelines to migrate your data through RAVEN. 
    RAVEN’s AI engine automatically cleans, aggregates and moves your data in real-time.
    Get your data ready for advanced analytics to keep up with advancing tech and competition.

So How Does it Work?

Our process is simple. RAVEN aggregates, cleans and migrates your data exactly how you need it, talks to all of your systems effectively and self regulates to grow with your business & team.


Consultation Meeting
Strategic Alignment
Assessment of Data Needs
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Create Clean Data Sample
Deploy & Connect RAVEN
Watch RAVEN Go to Work!
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3. Grow

RAVEN Report & Optimization
Aggregate Insights & Visualize
Co-Collaborate & Support
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Still not convinced? Let us show you what we can do! Reach out and we can set up a demo using YOUR data. We quickly, securely and accurately sort, clean and migrate your data to create reporting models to save you time, energy and money.  

Let us show you how you can put your data to work in ways you didn’t know possible, faster than you ever thought possible!  Put RAVEN to work for you!


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