RAVEN is a data ingestion engine powered by artificial intelligence that cleans, ingests, migrates and optimizes your data from any source, allowing you to make better business decisions in real-time! 



Once set up, RAVEN is designed to automatically clean, structure, aggregate and migrate your data according to your business needs and rules.



Security is always our top priority while RAVEN rapidly ingests, cleans and migrates your business’s sensitive data from source to dashboard.



Technology is changing business as we know it every day. Take control now and optimize your data to compete with the technical innovations of the future.

Our RAVEN Solution

We designed RAVEN to help our clients make better sense of their data. We quickly found that most of our clients’ data was not prepared for our advanced AI analytics, so we went back to square one - data cleaning and ingestion. 

Data is everywhere! Revenue, expenses, products, pricing, costs, customers, vendors, markets, materials, productions, processes, systems, sensors, time, people, pay, departments, geography, trends, behavior, KPIs, outside factors… 

It’s very difficult to aggregate all your different sources, systems, programs, etc to talk to each other so you can get an accurate picture of your business in real-time to help you make better decisions. 

In one fell swoop, RAVEN can collect all your relevant data from different sources, clean and structure it in one common schema, migrate it through our secure data pipeline, then visualize your data, all custom to your specific business needs and goals. 

RAVEN makes sense of all your data to help your teams save time and focus on growing your business with accurate and up to date information at their disposal.

SOC 2 Certified
HIPAA Compliant 
FIRE Transfer Protocol 
Quantum Encryption 
Physical Key Enabled (Optional)

RAVEN has a four step process designed to aggregate, clean, correct and move your data to help you see all of your data in real-time and make better business decisions!


How many different software programs does your company use across all departments? Do you have one single dashboard to help you make decisions that gathers data from all your sources in real-time? No? Well, we can help with that!

Ingestion is the beginning of your data's journey to visualization, and we designed RAVEN to securely aggregate data from any source you may have.

    No matter how your company collects and processes data, we build a data stream based on your specific needs.
    Data should be available when you need it. RAVEN quickly ingests and moves your data with low latency.
    RAVEN encrypts and complies with top security measures, keeping your data safe.


Do your software programs store data in different ways? Does HR write names as John Doe while Sales logs Doe, John? Are you missing information for a majority of your records? Keeping clean data is the biggest problem for companies who want to visualize data!

Before you can even begin to visualize, you have to make sure your data is clean and ready to analyze. RAVEN automatically scans and cleanses your data before moving it through our secure pipeline.

    We've all been there and accidentally logged something twice, or maybe 5 times... RAVEN can automatically combine them into one record or simply delete all unneeded duplicates.
    Humans tend to be lazy and not fill out fields with vital information. RAVEN can pick up where your team left off to find missing values and enter in the correct information.
    Even if your team fills out all required information, mistakes happen and incorrect info is logged. RAVEN can detect incorrect values and automatically replace the correct info.


Do you trust your team to spell check and format correctly before saving every single record in your programs? We sure don't! With how many people and systems you have, it is impossible to keep data free of errors.

Most injection engines can only normalize data for you. RAVEN is powered by artificial intelligence which allows her to perform corrective processes to alter your data to fix all human errors, all 100% automated based on your business rules.

    Invisible spaces accidentally left by your team can cause errors.  Look there's one right there! RAVEN has night vision and can delete all unnecessary spaces through her vector analysis.
    Are you supposed to see 100 records but only see 98? Chances are something is spelled wrong. RAVEN is a spelling champ and can infer and correct these mistakes automatically.
    RAVEN corrects any incorrect capitalization, or lack thereof, by scanning your data to understand what each letter means.


You have several different software programs, right? Do they connect with each other? Talk to each other? Can your teams see each others' data in real-time? 

The last step to visualizing your data is to actually get it there. Once RAVEN aggregates, cleans and corrects your data, she securely moves it through an encrypted pipeline to where it needs to go for visualization and better communication.

    If you have a ton of different programs that collect data in different ways, we can pull that through our pipeline in a single format to display a full picture of your company's data in real-time.
    Did you know you can actually get all your software to connect and even talk with each other? It's a game changer!
    Collecting and moving data from programs, sensors, devices, etc... is no easy task. RAVEN gets your data from point A to point B, automating all the complicated stuff in the middle.

Reach out for a demo!

Still not convinced? Let us show you what we can do! Reach out and we can set up a demo using YOUR data. We quickly, securely and accurately sort and clean your data and build reporting models to save you time, energy and money.  

Let us show you how you can put your data to work in ways you didn’t know possible, faster than you ever thought possible!  Put RAVEN to work for you!